Thomson Reuters to Staffers: Our Cafeteria Is Now Perfectly Safe

A few days ago, we brought you a groundbreaking report on one of the pressing questions facing American journalism today: Which media-company cafeterias have the most cockroach crap and poorly-refrigerated sashimi? That hard-hitting, deep-digging exposé of information that was already public has now produced a response from Thomson Reuters (TRI), which has been running, per the New York City Department of Health, the nastiest, grungiest lunchroom of any Manhattan newspaper, magazine or TV network.The short version: Aramark, the company that operates the cafeteria, says it has cleaned up its act enough that the facility passed a follow-up inspection in December. But Thomson Reuters continues to monitor the situation since, as we all know, the price of employer-subsidized tuna melts is eternal vigilance.

Here's the memo:
To: 3 Times Square Employees

Update on the cafeteria at 3 Times Square

You may have seen an article called "The Dirtiest, and Cleanest, Cafeterias in the Media Business" that has been circulating on the Internet the past few days. Among its comments on various cafeterias, the article references a November 2009 NYC Health Department inspection of the 3 Times Square cafeteria which cited concerns related to equipment maintenance and food handling. Since that inspection, Aramark -- the company which operates the cafeteria -- has strengthened its processes focused on food handling and equipment. The cafeteria passed a subsequent inspection in December. Aramark has released a statement describing the actions it has taken (see below) and states full confidence in the safety and cleanliness of the food service operations at 3 Times Square.

To further support ongoing compliance with standards, Thomson Reuters Facilities group is conducting a close review of Aramark's quarterly internal health inspection reports, annual Health Department inspections, the inventory and maintenance records of cafeteria equipment and the overall state of the cafeteria. We are also conducting audits of other food service operations serving our offices around the globe to ensure that our people have access to healthy food prepared according to strict standards.

STATEMENT FROM ARAMARK, the company which operates the 3 Times Square Cafeteria
14 January 2010

"The company's priority is to ensure that the food we serve at every location is of the highest quality and prepared within the safest environment possible. The company serves billions of meals at thousands of locations across the country each year, and uses industry-leading practices, policies, and training to ensure that it serves good meals in the safest environments possible.

"The circumstances that led to this situation are not reflective of our high standards. We take these matters very seriously and immediately took corrective action to address the situation.
"On November 11, the NYC Board of Health performed a routine inspection of the kitchen and found violations.
"We immediately developed and implemented a plan to take corrective action, which included personnel changes, refreshed employee training, and a full implementation of our sanitation and food safety procedures.
"On December 29, 2009, the NYC Board of Health returned to the kitchen and found the corrective action taken to be effective and the kitchen passed its reinspection.
"Our senior leadership team continues to monitor this location closely to ensure that this remains a clean, safe, and high-quality dining establishment."

Internal Communications team
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