Coffeebreak Blast: Which Brew Will Do You?

If your eyelids are drooping, you're slumping at your desk and you find yourself in need of a fast caffeine break, which brew will do you the most jumpin' jittery good? Your best bet may not be coffee at all, but rather a 12-oz. can of Jolt Energy drink, which contains frighteningly close to the 300 ml. of caffeine required to cause official "caffeine intoxication." That's according to a caffeine ranking graphic posted on

A 12-oz. cup of Starbucks coffee (Tall), has a little more than 250ml. of caffeine, which makes Starbucks the most caffeinated of commercial coffees. 16-oz. cups of Dunkin' Donuts and McDonald's coffee, on the other hand, contain just under 150ml. of caffeine. Starbucks may be more expensive, but it's definitely got a bigger caffeine bang for the buck. Even a 16-oz. cup of home brewed coffee, which is the cheapest of all, has a little over 200ml of caffeine.

Surprisingly enough, an 8.3 oz can of Red Bull Energy Drink has only about 76ml. of caffeine, so it's not exactly the pick- me-up you might have suspected, according to the Mayo Clinic's website. If you're into energy drinks, you would do better with the aforementioned Jolt, or the No Name beverage that was formerly known as "Cocaine," which contains 280ml. per can. 16-oz cans of Full Throttle and Monster Energy average about 150 ml.

Tea, Chocolate and Ice Cream Also Provide a Rush

The Mayo Clinic measurements also show that tea drinkers are not without their stimulation. Hot tea has the most caffeine, depending on how strong you brew it. An 8-oz. cup of brewed black tea contains from 40-120ml. of caffeine, 16-oz of Starbucks Tazo Chai Latte contains about 100ml. and 6-oz. of Stash Premium Green contains about 26ml. Iced teas have far less: 16-oz of Arizona Green Tea has 15ml, and 12-oz of Nestea Iced Tea has 26ml.

If you want to eat your caffeine hit rather than drink it, Fooze Mints are your best bet, with each mint containing 100ml.

A Hershey's Special Dark chocolate bar will deliver 33ml, and one stick of Jolt Caffeine-Energy Gum will give you 33ml. Coffee-flavored ice cream packs a little more punch, with 8-oz. of Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch delivering about 84ml. and the same amount of Haagen-Dazs Coffee ice cream pumping about 58ml. of caffeine into your bloodstream.

Then again, you could always try the good old-fashioned ways of staying alert on the job, like getting plenty of sleep, eating healthy food and exercising. But that takes a little more forethought.

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