The Best Day to Get a Job...

jobLast week (last Tuesday to be precise) marked"the busiest day of the year for job seekers" in the U.K.

Which made me wonder, what's the busiest job-searching day in the U.S.? Do we even have one?

Extensive research has proven inconclusive, although some claim that January 7th is "the busiest day for job hunters." (Cocktail party factoid: The busiest day for plumbers? The day after Thanksgiving. Hmmm.)

Now, what with the recession and ensuing high rates of unemployment, I'd venture to guess that most days that aren't the weekend are pretty darn busy for job seekers, January 7th notwithstanding.

Still, the U.S. does have some other notable days that any job seeker or business-minded person should take note of.

The best days of the week for doing anything business-related, including interviews, are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Which makes sense. On Monday people are still a little sluggish from the weekend, by Friday they're ready to hang it up and hit the town. (At least I am.) Go with midweek and you'll be primed to showcase your smarts, focus, and energy. Of course, if the interviewer can only do Monday or Friday, be flexible.

Direct mail folks say that Tuesday is the best day of the week for mail to if you're using snail-mail (and maybe a quill pen?) for your résumé blitzes, mail to arrive on Tuesday. Even easier, just push the send button on that email on Tuesday. (That said, you don't want to wait a week to send a resume, so sooner is generally better, as the case applies.)

Make any networking/follow-up calls and send those emails on Tuesday. Again, without waiting too long-if you meet on a Tuesday, follow up that same week, preferably by Thursday. You want to catch your connection at a good moment, but you also want them to remember you.

Employers, Friday is the "best" day of the week to terminate an employee (giving them the weekend to cool down)

Wednesday is considered the best day to post for new hires (although many employers also like to post on Mondays). Job seekers, that means if you're not checking your job posting sites daily, at least check in at the beginning and middle of the week for new opportunities.

• Oh, and when you get that job ... the best day to ask for a raise is Friday, and the best day to send me a thank you for this helpful advice is any day you please.

Good luck!

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