BREAKING NEWS - Playfish launches Gangster City


In December, we reported Playfish was looking for beta testing gangsters for a new game. Looks like Playfish finally launched the organized crime-themed game, Gangster City.

Gangster City is the second game released by Playfish since it was purchased by Electronic Arts, and it seems like social gaming publisher is making a concerted effort to compete with Zynga in as many game genres as possible. With other games that are competing head to head with Zynga, Playfish is being trounced if the number of players is any indication of success.

Gangster City By Playfish launched.
Gangster City By Playfish launched.

To date, Zynga has more active players in FarmVille than Playfish has it all of it's games combined. We'll have more on Gangster City later this week.

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Breaking News: Playfish launches Gangster City

Will you try out Gangster City or are you tired of Mob-themed Games?