Employees Expect Less Layoffs, More Pay In Months Ahead

employmentIn a pleasant sign that things are improving ever so slightly in the job market, more than a third of employees actually expect to get a pay raise in the next year, and a majority of those working feel confident they won't be laid off in the next six months.

The sentiments could be an indicator that things are picking up for companies, and in turn, employees are starting to feel more comfortable in their cubicles. The constant worry of "here today, gone tomorrow" might be starting to subside as companies have trimmed work forces to the bone and begin to turn profits again.

"As the rate of job losses slows nationwide, it's not surprising that employees exhibit more confidence in their future job security and financial outlook," said Rusty Rueff, a workplace expert with Glassdoor.com, who commissioned the survey.

While once a lingering thought in many employees' heads, layoff concerns have steadily decreased over the past year. Only one in five feel their job is at risk, with baby boomers feeling a little less optimistic than younger workers.

Employees also have more confidence in their companies - 9 out of 10 surveyed feel like things are going well for their corporate parents, and will continue to get better in the next six months. That optimism is highest in the West and lowest in the South; the Northwest and Midwest land right between those two.

It seems the biggest thing nagging those who might need or want a new job is the ability to land a similar spot at a new company. Only a third of those surveyed feel they could find a position that matches their experience and current pay.

"The challenge will be reconciling employees' rising expectations of returning to their previous pay level," explained Rueff. While the bulk of layoffs might be coming to an end, "companies are still cutting back in other areas like pay, perks and even health benefits."

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