Motivational Mondays: Getting A Job With Your 30 Second Pitch

Do you have a 30 second pitch? Think it is not a vital piece of prepared material to have in your employment search arsenal? Well, think again. Across the nation news media websites and radio stations are among some of the organizations now offering resources to job seekers. With a focus on exposure and online resource matching services, CNN and radio station WMZQ are prime examples of media members trying to help folks get their name out there and secure employment.

CNN's 30 Second Pitch: Every Thursday on CNN there is a segment called the 30 Second Pitch in which viewers see the video clips of job seekers looking for employment in various industries. The goal for job seekers is to get on camera and talk for half a minute about their skills, experience and what type of employment they are seeking. Ideally, the candidates want to get across what makes them an outstanding candidate for a specific type of job or work, and they want to distinguish themselves as being different and better than the competition with the hope that they are contacted for an interview.

Recently the fruits of CNN's labor could be seen in the example of Lee Ann Taylor. Taylor, an unemployed radio personality was looking for employment and sent her video to CNN's 30 Second Pitch. CNN ran Taylor's video back in November and as a result she was contacted by 99.1 The Whale Show out of upstate New York. According to the show's host, Big Wally, he saw Taylor's online résumé on CNN's show and knew immediately that Taylor would be a great fit for the show as a co-host. "She was resourceful and she didn't want big buckets of money, so that sealed the deal," said Big Wally with a laugh.

WMZQ's Job Resource Center: Radio station 98.7 WMZQ also offers a job resource center for people seeking employment. Real Match currently boasts 28,757,978 job matches online with the numbers growing every day. There is a section devoted to employers and another one for job seekers. Employers can post a job and track applicants through an online system. Job seekers can browse jobs, learn about employers, consult a salary survey and access career resources, all online with just a few clicks.

Your 30 Second Pitch: These easy-to-use online resources and success stories should be motivational fodder for you and your employment search. If other people out there accessing these resources are having luck then that should remind you that these resources are working and are an effective use of your time.

As you revise your job search and try to find new and different ways to improve your methods, you should consider refining your own 30 second pitch and using some of these online resources. Ideally your 30 second pitch should effectively explain all of the highlights of your resume. Who you are, what type of experience you have, and what type of job you are looking for. It is also essential to set yourself apart from the competition and leave people with a take-away-that one piece of information or one unusual skill that you have that no one else does; that one thing that makes you different and the ideal fit for a specific type of job or employment in a certain sector or industry, that is what you need to focus on.

Also, you need to be mindful of your appearance and delivery. Present yourself in a clean and professional manner if it is a video pitch, and practice your pitch so that it comes naturally and just rolls off your tongue. If you stumble in your delivery it will be noticed, so speak clearly and slowly, and choose your words carefully, 30 seconds goes by quickly. Good luck and happy job hunting!

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