Test-driving Domino's new pie -- and savoring the reasons why


In an act of fearless reporting, I test-drove the new Domino's pizza the other night.

The verdict? That's a matter of taste. But the bottom line is this: If you liked the old Domino's, time to say arrivederci -- as the company has promised, that pie is long-gone.

In its place is a pizza that boasts a crust with less heft and more flavor (garlic butter, to be exact), sauce with amped-up herbs and cheese that swirls and strings like that of local-parlor pizza, rather than lying in a single circular sheet.

I'll take the new stuff over the old any day. But as the comments on our earlier coverage of Domino's makeover indicate, America still hasn't made up its mind about Domino's 2.0.

If you're looking to share your opinion on the product, head over to pizzaturnaround.com or tweet the company. According to Domino's brand innovation VP Brandon Solano, he and other employees are actually listening. "After I put my kids to bed, I'll pull [the site] up and see what people are saying," says Solano. "Late at night the entire team will start trading emails, saying, 'Did you see this one? Did you see that one?'"

Solano came to Domino's from Hershey two years ago and remembers what a friend in Pennsylvania told him before he left for the new job. "He was like, 'Oh, man, you gotta do something about that pizza,'" Solano recalls. "[At the time], I hadn't had Domino's in years."