FishVille Treasure Chests Introduced!

Zynga decided to offer us all a great new gift in FishVille: the treasure chest, an item that will test our luck and reward us accordingly. If you want to find out all the details about the FishVille Treasure Chest, you know what you have to do: read on!

As soon as you will log in to play FishVille, a pop up like the one below will appear, announcing that you have a Treasure Chest in your gift box:In order to use it, you'll have to click the gift box and select the treasure chest, then place it anywhere in your first tank (you are not allowed to place the Treasure Chest anywhere but in the first tank!) Then click it and see how lucky you are. Here's what you can win from the Treasure Chest:

- experience points
- regular coins
- sand dollars
- rare fish

As you can see, I didn't strike lucky with my first try as I only received 17 XP points, but there's always tomorrow!
You can only use the Treasure Chest once per day and, to be honest, it looks a lot like the treasure chest from Happy Aquarium, doesn't it?

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