Secret tricks of restaurant menus: Why you may be enticed to spend more

Restaurants use all types of marketing tricks and gimmicks to get customers in the door. Once they get them inside, however, the real trick is to get them to spend more -- and that's when restaurants use their most powerful advertising weapon: the menu.

While it may not seem obvious at first glance,restaurants often incorporate various visual tricks into their menus to get diners to buy more expensive meals or, simply, to buy more food. WalletPop took a look at the menu of California Pizza Kitchen, a national chain based in Los Angeles that has more than 250 restaurants in 33 states and 9 other countries. With the help of some menu design experts, we examined the restaurant chain's extensive menu of pizza, salads and other items, like fish tacos, to see if we could find some often-employed upselling tactics. Here is what we found on just one page of the restaurant chain's six-page menu.