Pet Society gives into fan demands, makes it (a little) easier to earn coins

pet society coins now easier to earn!
pet society coins now easier to earn!

Pet Society fans will be glad to know that it'll be a little easier to earn virtual coins in Pet Society, which, in turn, will make it easier to feed, clothe and deck out their pet's pads.

If you take a look through the Pet Society message boards, you'll see that members have complained about how it's too difficult to earn coins in the game. So that means you will now earn more moolah by washing and brushing your pet (as well as your friends' pets), you'll be able to sell your cooked dishes for 2x the profit and trees in your garden will produce more fruit.

We immediately opened Pet Society to check out the game's new free-wheeling economy and found that, while a little better, still wasn't as free-wheeling as we thought it would be.