Murphy Bed Slash Bad Idea

Is it a bed? A desk? A bedesk?

No matter what you call it, the murphy-bed-slash-desk, dubbed the Ulisse Desk Space Saving Systemwill definitely free up floor space in your studio pad.

It will also give your feng shui consultant more billable hours than you could possibly afford as she determines the best cure for such an unholy alliance between work and sleep.

Here's how it works: During the day you toil away at a rather ordinary desktop. Then, when you're all tuckered out, you pull down that Queen-size mattress tucked into the wall and catch some shut eye.

It's the shortest commute you'll ever have.

And the desktop is configured so you can leave almost everything - not your fish bowl or coffee mug-on top at the end of the day. It ingeniously remains parallel to the floor.

Easy, right?

Well, until you consider how in the hell you're going to build the wall surrounding the desk-slash-bed (not included).

And how you're going to sleep easy on top of a stack of bills and unfinished projects.

Or whether you might have to fetch pencils and pens that stick into you from among from your bed linens.

May this isn't such a great bed-slash-desk after all.
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