Mahjongg Dimensions on Facebook: The next Bejeweled Blitz?

mahjongg dimensionsIt's Friday, a.k.a. the day to kick back and play a few games to start the weekend early. While scavenging for a TGIF-worthy games, we were directed to Mahjongg Dimensions on Facebook, a new puzzle game that launched today, January 15, from the NYC-based Arkadium and MobScience.

To play Mahjongg Dimensions, match tiles with two adjacent sides free. Each player has one-minute to make as many matches as possible and can earn bonus points by making matches quickly, matching several tiles with the same image types in a row or matching point multipliers as they appear. Once time is up, your score is posted on a leaderboard, and you can see how your skills match up to other Facebook friends who are also playing the game.

Mahjongg Dimensions is also a standalone game, but with more generous time limits. Seems like these guys are taking notes from PopCap, who released Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook, which is a one-minute version of the popular Bejeweled puzzle game series.

Like Bejeweled Blitz, Mahjongg Dimensions is easy to play but difficult to master, and it's impossible just to play a single one-minute round. It doesn't quite have the crack-like affect on us as Blitz, but Mahjongg Dimensions for Facebook is still worth checking out, especially if you're jonesing for a social game that doesn't involve a farm, aquarium or virtual pets.

Mahjongg Dimensions on Facebook a try -- What do you think?
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