FarmVille & Mafia Wars Hot Rod Tractor: Official Zynga response


The Hot Rod Tractor exists, it is NOT fake!

We have been reporting on the Hot Rod Tractor for some time . The image that we provided yesterday was a screenshot from a FarmVille Freak user who was one of the lucky ones to have access to the Hot Rod Tractor.

For all the naysayers and nonbelievers, Zynga makes an official statement regarding the "rumored" Hot Rod Tractor that will combine Mafia Wars and FarmVille. Read statement from Zynga Forum moderator Lexilicious:

"This feature is currently only available to a small group of randomly selected users. Due to the nature of this release, we will continue to roll this feature out to 100% of users in the coming days.

Hot Rod Tractor:

Users at level 12 in Farmville can unlock the ability to purchase a Hot Rod Tractor that can plow up to 9 plots at a time. (3 x 3)

There are two ways you can acquire the new Hot Rod Tractor.

- You can purchase the Hot Rod Tractor for 55 Farm Cash from the Market.
- You can also visit Mafia Wars to unlock the option to purchase the tractor in Farmville for Coins.

Clicking the "Get This" button will give you the option to launch Mafia Wars. You will receive another pop-up informing you that you can unlock the Hot Rod Tractor by advancing to Level 10 in Mafia Wars.

Upon entering Mafia Wars, you will see the following pop-up:

farmville limited edition hot rod tractor
farmville limited edition hot rod tractor

After clicking the 'Start Playing Mafia Wars Now' button, you will be taken to the Mafia Wars jobs page and can begin playing Mafia Wars in order to reach level 10 and unlock the tractor.

Once you reach level 10 in Mafia Wars, you will receive the following popup:

Clicking 'Play Farmville Now' will return you to Farmville, and the Hot Rod Tractor (that can be purchased for coin) is unlocked in the Market.

Note: After completing the MW level requirement for the tractor, it may take up to thirty minutes for some users to be credited with the tractor in FV.

Source: For direct link from Zynga Official Forums read here:

This article was reprinted with permission from FarmVille Freak.

Do you have access right now to the Hot Rod Tractor?