E*Trade Ads Deliver a Bouncing New Talking Baby

How's this for getting too big for your britches? The lovable talking baby featured in ads from E*Trade Financial (ETFC), who has more than 12,000 fans on Facebook and 3,000 followers on Twitter, has literally outgrown his position and will be replaced by a new baby in ads that debut this weekend.The company was forced to make the switch because it ran out of usable footage shot of the first talking baby. The company said that the new E*Trade baby will continue the winning formula established by his predecessor.

E*Trade, which has enjoyed two years of success with its "Talking Baby" advertisements, has developed a series of five commercials featuring the new tot that'll be a central part of its traditional and social media marketing campaign for 2010. Two ads with the blond, blue-eyed infant investor will premiere during two NFL playoff games on Saturday. Another ad is slated for Feb. 7, during the Super Bowl.

"The reality is that babies do grow up," said Nicholas A. Utton, chief marketing officer of E*Trade Financial in a company statement. "We anticipate that consumers will be enamored with the new E*TRADE Talking Baby."

"The overall campaign strikes the right balance -- it's entertaining and memorable, and communicates a strong, relevant message to investors," he added.

On Twitter, the original E*Trade baby explained why he was leaving the campaign to his followers: "Why am I leaving? Because I'm getting old. And old people follow the sunset. Plus I just took up windsurfing."

In one of the coming ads, the new baby, who was selected from a casting call in October, tries to convince a friend that using E*Trade will give him a better chance of successfully preparing for retirement than his current plan: playing the lottery.

We'll see if E*Trade hits the jackpot with its new ads.
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