Can Oscar Mayer's new $50 million ad campaign beat its catchy old jingles?


Oscar Mayer's name is synonymous with two things: processed meat and catchy jingles. Start singing, "My bologna has a first name...." and chances are several people will join in to finish the song. The song debuted in the 1970s with a commercial that's pure Americana: A small boy, sitting on a dock and holding a fishing pole in one hand and a bologna sandwich in the other, joyfully launching into the catchy tune. The Oscar Mayer Wiener jingle ("Oh I wish I were an Oscar Mayer weiner...")became so popular after its 1963 radio debut that school marching bands played the song and consumers requested radio stations to play the tune, according to a history of Kraft Foods' (KFT) Oscar Mayer brands.

So how can Oscar Mayer top the popularity of these decades-old campaigns? By spending more than $50 million on what the brand says is its biggest advertising campaign in its 125-year history. The new campaign uses the tag line "It Doesn't Get Better Than This" and ties together the brand's products in a way that its jingles -- which promoted bologna and hot dogs separately -- weren't able to do.