Weight loss resolution? Exercise videos offer an affordable solution


If your New Year's resolution involves weight loss but you're reluctant to commit to a long-term membership at a gym where everyone is intimidatingly lean and muscular, read on.

Working at home with exercise videos could be a convenient, affordable, and much less intimidating solution.

Wendy Niemi Kremer, the founder of the must-visit VideoFitness.com, told me that he has "saved thousands, easily" by working out at home with videos over the past 20 years instead of joining a gym.

The potential for cost savings notwithstanding, Kremer cautioned that it can be easy to burn through a ton of cash on an at-home fitness habit: "If you have to have the latest workout video series and gadget, then you may not realize any savings," she warns. "New members to our site are often greeted with a "hold onto your credit card!" message."