Psychic Twins Predict Your Career Future


Let's face it, most of the nation's most prestigious economists were gobsmacked by the nation's employment downturn--they simply didn't see it coming. So what makes the suits any smarter or more reliable than Terry and Linda Jamison, the world famous "Psychic Twins," who predicted the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 1999, and who have been telling me for the past two years that I'd better fasten my seat belt, because we're in for a bumpy economic ride. Did I listen? Well, no. Even though these ladies are my close friends, I'm still a bit skeptical of psychics. The result of my skepticism? I lost 25% of the value of my portfolio, and waved goodbye to some of my best freelance clients. Most of that could have been avoided if I'd followed their advice. If only I would have listened back then. I'm listening now. This is what they're predicting: