Happy Pets: New Items available this week -- Ultra Comfy Beds, Classy Bowls and More


Happy Pets is cranking out new items at record pace, adding a whopping 13 items. Below is the rundown of the new goodies you can use to deck out your pets' pad:

Red Velvet Bed - to keep your pets nice and warm.
Black Furry Bed - if you pet it into the shag look.
Black Modern Bed - for the fancy feline or picky puppy.
China Cat Bowl - looks more Egyptian to me, but they say China?
China Dog Bowl - a little lame, they just slapped the dog icon on there.

Classic Stove - what does a pet need stove for I ask.
Green Wall Phone - to call the vet right?
Jade Plant - hopefully the cat won't get at it.
Zebra Couch - fancy stuff, keep the pets off it.
Log Cabin Table -rustic and rocking
Log Cabin Bench - you'll need a bench for your table.
Country Dining Chair - nice standard fair.
Coat Rack - I love a good hat and coat rack.

Check out all the items in the images below.