Donna Karan helps out with the recession: One dress, 10 ways to wear it


The infinity dress, a cleverly re-considered item has been reintroduced by designer Donna Karan and her timing could not be better. Take that airline baggage fee! Not necessarily new, Karan's creation is a thoroughly modern interpretation of a trend that has been surfacing off and on since the 70s.

It's a halter, it's a tunic, it's a wrap, a skirt or skinny column, it's Karan's impossibly chic answer to what every fashionista should bring if, for some inexplicable reason, they had to be stranded on a deserted island -- Survivor never looked so good.

Available in long sleeve, sleeveless, or the uber-optional basic tank and dress combo, the multi-tasking, go anywhere, do anything dress is definitely an investment piece. Yes, there is a price for all this fabulousness and it ain't cheap. Brace yourself: $895, or $1,095 if you want sleeves. Okay, breathe. Now let's do a little recession-rationalization therapy.