Donna Karan helps out with the recession: One dress, 10 ways to wear it

The infinity dress, a cleverly re-considered item has been reintroduced by designer Donna Karan and her timing could not be better. Take that airline baggage fee! Not necessarily new, Karan's creation is a thoroughly modern interpretation of a trend that has been surfacing off and on since the 70s.

It's a halter, it's a tunic, it's a wrap, a skirt or skinny column, it's Karan's impossibly chic answer to what every fashionista should bring if, for some inexplicable reason, they had to be stranded on a deserted island -- Survivor never looked so good.

Available in long sleeve, sleeveless, or the uber-optional basic tank and dress combo, the multi-tasking, go anywhere, do anything dress is definitely an investment piece. Yes, there is a price for all this fabulousness and it ain't cheap. Brace yourself: $895, or $1,095 if you want sleeves. Okay, breathe. Now let's do a little recession-rationalization therapy.

If you wore the dress, ten different ways (and of course we would all be far more creative than that) it brings the price of each designer dress, created by an industry icon -- which practically makes it a work of art -- down to a crazy reasonable $89.50.

Now, let's subtract the cost of baggage fees ($25 each way) incurred from three round-trip flights from the original price of $895.. That brings us to $74.50, so we'll round down to $74. OMG. Next, we'll amortize our purchase over the wearing period -- which should easily span two years (if not more with careful handling). If the dress were worn once a week for two years (and I know we couldn't bear to wear it any less than that) we would wear it 104 times. So 895 divided by 104 is a shockingly low $8.60. (full disclosure, I am not a certified accountant).

A Donna Karan dress for under $10! Run, ladies run! Don't let your girlfriend get there first!

Of course, you could attempt to make one of these "convertible dresses" on your very own by using clever suggestions from websites such as (search on convertible/infinity dress) but you can't even buy good jersey for less than $10 dollars. Then you have to figure in your time, effort, the cost of thread and electricity to power the machine. If you don't have a machine, they're not cheap. I could go on.

So, really, Donna's made it easy for us. She is the ultimate girlfriend. Available in basic black, red or ink, the little LBD That Could is a style bonanza just waiting to revolutionize our lives. Throw on a cardigan, shimmy into a cool pair of leggings, wear it under a blazer (steal his if he's griping about costs), try it with flats or heels, and definitely accessorize. Think of it as a launching pad for personal style and let it take you to infinity ... and beyond.
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