Exclusive! Diner Dash 5: BOOM! arrives February 18

Diner Dash 5 Boom! coming February 16 Just as Diner Dash celebrates its five-year anniversary, can exclusively reveal that PlayFirst will release a new sequel -- Diner Dash 5: BOOM! -- on February 18. This go-round, the popular time-management game will include both customizable and social elements that will add a new twist to the series.

As expected, sassy multi-tasking waitress Flo will be at the center of it all. The game begins as Flo's diner goes "boom," and players will be tasked with rebuilding a new diner from the ground up, adding their own personal touch along the way.

"With this fifth sequel we wanted to make sure we were keeping the series just as fresh with new ideas and innovative game play and not relying on the same old stuff: so we blew up the diner!" says Kenny Shea, PlayFirst's Chief Creative Officer.

Of course, it'll take work to rebuild the diner. As the new eatery is under construction, Flo will be seating, serving and cleaning up after customers in 50 outdoor levels, earning tips which can be used to buy fixtures, decorations, upgrades and more for the new diner. The game will include some social networking elements, though the details on that have not been revealed just yet.

A special collector's edition of Diner Dash 5 will launch on February 18 on for $19.99 (for both PC and Mac). This collector's edition will include five extra levels, a strategy guide walkthough, a behind-the-scenes digital artbook, animated screensaver and wallpapers and a "Flo Over Time" historical retrospective. A regular edition of the game will be available -- two weeks later -- for $6.99.

Will you play the new Diner Dash when it comes out next month?

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