WalletPop interviews Wayne Rogers, M*A*S*H* star, now a financial guru


If you're of a certain age or enjoy watching TV Land, you know who Wayne Rogers is -- an actor famed for his role as Trapper John in the 1970s TV series M*A*S*H. But if you watch Fox Business News, you may also know him as a regular guest on the series Cashin' In. Now, instead of saving lives on TV, he's encouraging people to save (and invest) their money.

This isn't a recent conversion on the actor's part. Rogers, 76, has been playing the role of businessman -- in real life -- since his days on M*A*S*H (1972 -- 1975). That's when he met Lew Wolff, a real estate developer, hotel owner and managing partner of the Oakland A's. At the time, Wolff was head of real estate for 20th Century Fox where M*A*S*H was filmed.