Happy Cafe joins the lineup of CrowdStar's other 'Happy' games


Happy Cafe might be the next big thing for social game publisher CrowdStar, based on the fact that the company registered the trademark for the game in November.

happy cafe next in line for CrowdStar
happy cafe next in line for CrowdStar

A cafe-themed game would make a nice addition to the company's current game portfolio, which include Happy Aquarium, Happy Pets and Happy Island -- all of which have been slowly growing in popularity week after week. Cafe World and
Restaurant City have both done well for Zynga and Playfish respectively, so it seems like there might be room for more.

Or is there? Have to admit it's disappointing to see one social game clone after another; we're looking forward to seeing companies release more creative games for the entertainment-seeking masses on Facebook in 2010. Maybe next time.

Happy Cafe -- would you play it?

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