Free coupon course to maximize your clipping $kills

Free Coupon E Course
Free Coupon E Course

To all the coupon naysayers out there, Money Saving Plan has a 10-step course to show you just how much you can save by clipping coupons. To participate you will need:

  • A box or drawer you will devote to this project

  • A marker or pen

  • A notebook

  • Envelopes

  • A calculator

  • A Sunday newspaper every Sunday

Every Monday for the next 10 weeks you'll get one of the steps e-mailed to you. The rest of the week you'll receive tips and suggestions about saving money using coupons. Money Saving Plan claims you'll save hundreds of dollars by learning how to get free toiletries, makeup, medicines, household items, non-perishables and other items.

From the coupon clipping I've done, I'd say that all this is possible. For some reason, there are always a lot of sales and coupons on toiletries, processed food, make up, vitamins, and medicine. It's just a matter of making a little time and finding an organization system that works for you. If you prepare, you can save your coupons until an item goes on sale and purchase the item for a fraction of the original cost.

You can sign up for the course by clicking on the image at right. Then confirm by clicking on the email Money Saving Plan sends you.

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