Foot Model Gets the Boot From Manhattan Co-Op

A Manhattan foot model and her doorman-cum-boyfriend-cum-husband cite "forbidden love" as the reason they were kicked out of their apartment. More like, forbidden levels of violent instability.

Tootsies model Christina Ambers, 36, and former doorkeeper Angel Rotger, 32, were kicked to the curb of 340 E. 74th Street just before New Years Eve. But don't shed too many tears for the couple: Residents presented evidence of truly awful behavior towards others in the building to the co-op board. It seems their unneighborly behavior got them ejected, not their clandestine package-claiming romance.

Residents had previously filed complaints against the couple ranging from noise disturbances (in the form of screaming and yelling) to verbal attacks (using words that would make a mama blush), to more serious threats of physical abuse and bodily harm.

In a complaint filed in Manhattan Supreme Court in December, the newly married, and presumably honeymooning, Rotger is quoted as threatening the night doorman using profanity such as "You stupid fat f - - -, I'll break your face. See me outside of the camera range -- I'll slam your f - - - ing head."


Several building employees had even gone so far as to apply for or renew orders of protection against the pair, according to the New York Post.

For the record, Ambers and Rotger claim they never got to tell their side of the story.

Oh, sure. There are alwaysgood reasons to issue of threats of bodily harm and engage in volcanic outbursts in an apartment building. Let's see what happens to the pair when they tire of playing footsie with one another...
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