FarmVille updates fertilizing to 50 neighbors per day


Lately we farmers have all been experiencing trouble fertilizing our neighbors' farms. In the past week or so fertilizing seemed to max out around 20.

FarmVille has been updated to allow you to fertilze 50 neighbors farms per day, meaning you can only fertilize 50 neighbors in a 24 hour period.

Official word from Zynga Forum moderator Lexilicious:

"There have been some minor changes made to Fertilizer today. Please find the relevant details below:Users can now fertilize 50 of their Neighbors Farms. Once you have Fertilized 50 Farms, you will receive a message in the upper left-hand corner stating: "Out of Fertilizer". This is an intended change to FarmVille. Once you have run out, more fertilizer will be available to you in 24 hours."

This article was republished from FarmVille Freak.