Cafe World introduces limited alien-themed items, dishes

Those looking for a distinctly science-fiction feel to their restaurant in Cafe World will be delighted to find a large collection of alien- and space-themed items in the store! These items include things such as asteroids, hovering tables, and UFOs. Alongside the new decorations, there's new stoves and new counters. The mystery crate has also received an overhaul, with a goopy alien now sitting on top and the crate dispensing various alien-related gifts alongside the standard decorations. You can check out a full list of all the new Cafe World goodies after the jump.

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New Dishes

Martian Brain Bake

Requires Level 37
Cost: 2200 coins
Servings: 1560
Earns: 5 coins
Total Possible Earnings: 7800 coins
Prep Time: 1 day
XP Gained: 313 (33 prep, 280 serve)

Stardust Stew

Requires Level 14

Cost: 1000 coins
Servings: 425
Earns: 6 coins
Total Possible Earnings: 2550 coins
Prep Time: 9 hours
XP Gained: 138 cafe points (18 prep, 120 serve)

New Decorations

New Stoves/Counters

New Mystery Crate

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