Zynga on FarmVille Glitch allowing Multiple Buildings (updated)

Zynga responds to the latest FarmVille Chicken Coop glitch via official Zynga Forum. Discussion of glitches such as the Chicken Coop is prohibited on Zynga forums and your posts will be removed. Says Zynga Forum moderator:

"Due to the recent game glitch which is causing many duplicates, *please do not send us information regarding those who have multiple coops* (as suggested below). Thanks for your understanding and our apologies for any confusion/frustration this may cause.The Zynga Rules Of Conduct prohibit discussion of cheats/hacks/glitches.

Before you post your comments please read the following:

FarmVille's current regulations allows the placement of ONE Chicken Coop per farm.

Please do not make any references to any neighbors or players who's farms, for one reason or another, do not comply with that stated regulation.

Please do not ask other forum members how deviate from the stated regulation.

Please do not provide pictures, links to outside websites or sources, blogs, instructions, etc... that show other forum members how to circumvent the stated regulation.

Discussing an exploit of any game glitch/bug is the same as discussing a cheat. Do not post this information on Zynga's forums.

If you have evidence of someone cheating, The forum moderators will be happy to forward the user's information to the developers for you. The person's Facebook User ID and Facebook first and last names are needed. To find the Facebook User ID, go to his Facebook profile page and run your mouse pointer over his profile picture. The address at the bottom of your screen will end in id=xxxxxxxxx. It may also be on the top bar of your screen. This information must not be posted in the forums and information reported will be considered as if it were reported anonymously. It should be sent to a moderator via Private Message. Thank you for your assistance"

Not sure how a glitch is considered "cheating". So for those who have acquired additional coops because of this glitch are they expected to delete them?

What do you think?

Update: Zynga is aware that a glitch is occurring that reproduces various FarmVille buildings such as the Chicken Coop, Garden Shed and Tool Shed.

If this happened to you, you do NOT have to delete your excess buildings and will not be banned from FarmVille. Zynga is asking that anyone who experienced this glitch contact them with additional details as they work on a solution.

In a message posted 01-08-2010, 09:06 PM on the official Zynga forums, Zynga Forum moderator "Channel Zero" says:

"For Everyone That Has Had A Duplicate Building Appear on Their Farm – PLEASE READ

Our developers are currently looking into this issue and trying to figure out what's causing it, and any information that anyone who's currently experiencing this issue at this time would be invaluable to us. If you could, please PM me the following info:

- Your UID
- Precisely what you were doing prior to the duplicate building appearing (Ex. Were you attempting to store something?)
- Anything you purchased or placed prior to the building appearing
- What building duplicated on your farm (so far we're hearing reports of Chicken Coops, Garden Sheds and Tool Sheds)

Once again, in order to find your UID, in Facebook right click on the Profile link and copy the link location. Paste it into a text document and the number that appears at the end after the equal sign is your UID. Copy that number and send it to me.

If you've personalized your Facebook account's address, you can find this number by right-clicking and copying the link in your profile picture as well.

Thank you for working with us during these technical issues, your cooperation and patience is always appreciated and we hope to have everything sorted out as soon as possible."

This story originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.
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