25 Worst Jobs to Have In 2010

CareerCast, "your job search portal," has just released a list of the best and worst jobs to have in 2010. With the recession still shaking the foundations of the economy nationwide, most people are happy to have a job these days at all, but in order for there to be a list of the best jobs to have, there also has to be a list of the worst jobs to have. According to the CareerCast website, rankings are determined using a "detailed analysis to measure careers by factors such as working conditions, competitiveness, hiring outlook and physical exertion."

The list of the 25 worst jobs to have in 2010 runs the gamut and includes everything from civil servant employees to butchers and circus workers. While CareerCast could not take all factors into consideration when determining their rankings, two themes that emerge from this list of the 25 worst jobs to have in 2010 are that many of these jobs are unionized jobs and lower-paying jobs with most capping out at less than $70,000.

25. Stationary engineers, aka boiler operators

24. Machine tool operators

23. Drill press operators

22. Roofers

21. Police officers

20. Choreographers

19. Machinists

18. Seamen

17. Newspaper reporters

16. Stevedores, or longshoremen

15. Emergency medical technicians

14. Sheet metal workers

13. Firefighters

12. Photojournalists

11. Butchers

10. Mail carriers

9. Meter readers

8. Construction workers

7. Taxi drivers

6. Garbage collectors

5. Welders

4. Dairy farmers

3. Ironworkers

2. Lumberjacks

and the worst job in America goes to...

1. Roustabouts, which can either be temporary circus workers or oil riggers

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