Walmart To Greeter: Fight With Customer, Lose Your Job

walmart greeter firedHis job was to say "Hello" to customers, now Walmart has said "Goodbye" to a Florida store greeter after he got into a fight with a customer.

The spat started when a shopper set off the alarm as he was leaving the store. 69-year-old greeter Ed Bauman sprang into action - following the suspected klepto to his car and making note of his license plate.

Not exactly a happy camper, the customer jumped at Bauman, punching him while trying to wrestle away the clipboard containing his car info. Bauman fought back, taking a slug at the irate customer in self defense.

The entire incident was caught on tape by security cameras and made the rounds on local TV. But Bauman wasn't exactly rewarded for his loyalty to the retailer. When he reported to work after the incident, Walmart served him his walking papers.

Their grounds for sacking the greeter: "Gross misconduct."

Bauman told WESH-TV he guesses "they just wanted me to stand there and get beaten."

While Bauman might have some explaining to do on his resume, his official record is still clean. Police say Bauman was within his rights to defend himself, and won't be charged.

Not so much for the sticky-fingered shopper, who more than a black eye. He is charged with a felony.

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