R.I.P. Dan Rather v. CBS, 2007-2010

Dan Rather is absolutely, positively, definitely not getting the vindication he sought from CBS. The New York Court of Appeals saw to that Tuesday, dashing the former network anchor's hopes of resurrecting his $70 million lawsuit against his former employer.Rather's lawsuit, which alleged that CBS breached his contract and committed fraud by removing him from his job anchoring Evening News after he produced a factually problematic report on George W. Bush's National Guard service record, has been all but dead since September, when the appellate division of the New York Supreme Court threw out the entire thing. But there was a slim chance the appeals court would take a different view.

Rather, who now anchors Dan Rather Reports on HDNet, issued a statement in response to the ruling.
Naturally I am disappointed in today's ruling because we know it is a grave miscarriage of justice. Most of all I am disappointed that no court or jury studied the evidence and heard the actual facts of the case. The case was dismissed on purely technical grounds.

My mission continues to be working to ensure that the media can gather and report news unfettered by the influence of government and major corporate interests.
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