Phishing attack hits the Android Marketplace

The Android Marketplace, where Android phone users download and purchase apps from, was hit by a phishing attack in late December when an app by the name of "Droid09" was released and pretended to connect users to their online banking accounts, instead stealing their banking credentials and putting their financial information at risk.

Commenting on the "Droid09" phishing app a Google spokesperson told WalletPop "The Android Market Content Policy clearly states that we don't allow applications on Android Market to identify themselves with third-party marks without permission. If an application violates the content policy, we will remove it from Android Market, and developer accounts will be terminated for repeated violations."

The developer has been banned, but It's not clear how many people downloaded the fraudulent app before it was pulled by Google. Users who downloaded the app, or think they may have, should be sure to visit the "My Downloads" section of their Android phone to remove the application.
To check the downloads on your Android powered phone such as the HTC Hero or the Motorola Droid open the Android Market app and then press the menu button on your phone and choose the "Downloads" option. If you see the "Droid09" app uninstall it and then change your banking login information.

It's important to use judgment when downloading apps to your phone. While some will point to this incident as a downside to the open nature of the Android Marketplace, users need to make sure that they investigate the nature of any apps they downloads rather than relying on Google to do this for them.

Just like you wouldn't share your banking information with a Web site called "Droid09" that was returned by search results you shouldn't share them with an app that isn't affiliated with your bank. Make sure you use an official banking app like Bank of America's or a well known service like Mint, which will soon be launching an app for Android powered phones, to check your banking information.
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