Pandora's Profitablity Means More Music for All

Some people are late to the Pandora party, shucking out 99 cents or more for downloads from iTunes or Amazon (or heaven forfend, buying vinyl or CDs in an actual brick and mortar store!) Chumps!

With the music recommendation service's announcement Tuesday that it will be profitable this quarter, hopefully it will be around at least a little longer, while other services have faded.

Firstly, Pandora is great for at-work listening, since you don't download any software.

Secondly, if you don't have an iPhone, (and even if you do) Pandora is a nice alternative for music on the go.Lastly, expect to see more and more Pandora integrations into your TVs, stereos, alarm clocks, etc. My Roku device recently added Pandora as one of it's channels, so that makes it at least twice as useful as it was before (besides streaming Netflix.)

While some people may use those digital music channels that come with Comcast or Time Warner Cables, why not use a custom Pandora station for your next house party? Or, set your phone or alarm clock to wake you to one of your stations.

For example, Samsung unvelied a bunch of devices at CES that have Pandora baked in, including this sound bar.

Guess what I want for Valentine's Day?
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