Miami Tower Would Surpass Burj Dubai


It was only a matter of time. No sooner than the Burj Dubai was crowned the world's tallest building, a rival plan would create a skyscraper even taller. The real surprise? It's In Miami.

The proposed Miapolis which would pierce the sky 3,200 feet above Miami -- more than 600 feet higher than the half-mile high Burj.

The folks behind Miapolis (a rendering of it is pictured) see it as more than a building; it's an urban planning tool. Besides stealing the world's-tallest-tower claim from the United Arab Emirates, the developers believe their cloud-scraper would reinvent Miami as a tourist destination and economic center. Lord knows Miami could use a boost. The city's got so many foreclosed properties -- over 100,000, according to the Miami Herald -- that as of this week they're auctioning them off online.