Happy Aquarium cheats & tips: A complete level guide

Whether you've just started out in Happy Aquarium or have been playing for a while, see what's next by checking out this complete level guide to the various fish, crawlers, corals, props, gravels and tanks you'll unlock as you master the art of maintaining a virtual fish tank. What level are you in Happy Aquarium?

Level 2
Flameback Angel (19 Coins), Lemonpeel Angel (23 Coins), Sea Slug (30 Coins), Black Gravel
Flameback AngelLemonpeel AngelSea SlugBlack Gravel

Level 3

Royal Gramma Basslet (23 Coins)
Royal Gramma Basslet

Level 4
Midas Blenny (28 Coins), Starfish (60 Coins), Brain Coral (25 Coins), Teal Gravel
Midas BlennyStarfishBrain CoralTeal Gravel

Level 5
Spotted Cardinal (30 Coins), Dark Green Leather Coral (22 Coins)
Spotted CardinalDark Green Leather Coral

Level 6
Yellowtail Damselfish (33 Coins), Turbo Snail (33 Coins), Green Cup Coral (28 Coins), Tall Lime Seaweed (150 Coins), Blue Gravel

Level 7
Green Mandarin (35 Coins), Striped Mushroom (26 Coins), Tall Pink Seaweed (150 Coins), Second Tank Expansion

Level 8
Prawn Gobi (38 Coins), Fluorescent Mushroom (22 Coins), Tall Maroon Seaweed (150 Coins), Pink Gravel

Level 9
Longnose Hawkfish (40 Coins), Mushroom Finger Coral (24 Coins)

Level 10
Jawfish (43 Coins), Mini Crab (40 Coins), Pink Birdsnest Coral (1 Facebook Credit or 1 Pearl), Polished Glass

Level 11
Plate Coral (30 Coins)

Level 12
Goldfish (49 Coins), Purple Brush Gorgonian (33 Coins), Volcanic Rock

Level 13
Betta (53 Coins), Red Gracilaria Algae (37 Coins)

Level 14
Carberryi (62 Coins), Stylophora Coral (42 Coins), Pink Lava, Third Tank Expansion

Level 16

Saddleback Butterfly (70 Coins), Camel Shrimp (96 Coins), Tenius Royal Blue (55 Coins)

Level 18
Blue Tang (81 Coins), Verde Acropora Coral (66 Coins)

Level 20
Pacific Redstripe Hogfish (92 Coins), Fiji Leather Coral (82 Coins)

Level 21
Big Eye Black Bar (99 Coins), Fourth Tank Expansion

Level 22
Flower Pot Coral (99 Coins)

Level 23
Wrasse (125 Coins)

Level 24
Redstriped Anthias (139 Coins), Spiny Cup Coral (3 Facebook Credits or 4 Pearls)

Level 25
Cubicus Boxfish (150 Coins)

Level 26
Queen Angelfish (160 Coins)

Level 27
Clown Trigger Fish (173 Coins)

Level 28
Moorish Idol (184 Coins), Fifth Tank Expansion

Level 29
Porcupine Puffer (30 Facebook Credits)

Level 30
Humu Humu (260 Coins)

Level 31
Lion Fish (31 Facebook Credits)

Level 32
Bubble Clam

Level 33
Foxface (412 Coins)

Level 35
Threadfin (655 Coins), Sixth Tank Expansion

Level 37
Powder Blue Tang (819 Coins)

Level 39
Flame Wrasse (997 Coins)

Level 40
Angler (51 Facebook Credits)

Level 41
Eagle Ray (54 Facebook Credits)

Level 42
Catshark (65 Facebook Credits), Seventh Tank Expansion

Level 48
Orange Jellyfish (72 Facebook Credits)

Level 49
Eighth Tank Expansion
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