Happy Aquarium cheats & tips: A complete level guide

Happy Aquarium cheats & tips: A complete level guide

Whether you've just started out in Happy Aquarium or have been playing for a while, see what's next by checking out this complete level guide to the various fish, crawlers, corals, props, gravels and tanks you'll unlock as you master the art of maintaining a virtual fish tank. What level are you in Happy Aquarium?

Level 2
Flameback Angel (19 Coins), Lemonpeel Angel (23 Coins), Sea Slug (30 Coins), Black Gravel

Flameback Angel
Lemonpeel Angel
Sea Slug
Black Gravel

Level 3

Royal Gramma Basslet (23 Coins)

Royal Gramma Basslet

Level 4
Midas Blenny (28 Coins), Starfish (60 Coins), Brain Coral (25 Coins), Teal Gravel

Midas Blenny
Brain Coral
Teal Gravel

Level 5
Spotted Cardinal (30 Coins), Dark Green Leather Coral (22 Coins)

Spotted Cardinal
Dark Green Leather Coral