"Buycott" Your Way Into a New Job

My husband was talking to his old friend Bingo the other day, who said he was out of work but trying to get a sales job at a local car dealership. We suggested that he try and get the dealership's attention by organizing a "buycott" -- the opposite of a boycott, so they'd see how fabulous he could be at cleverly improving their sales.

Buycotts have been successfully staged for products and services as diverse as goods manufactured in Israel to Whole Foods supermarkets. They involve encouraging people to buy from, rather than to shun certain businesses. People have organized buycotts in support of companies whose environmental and social policies they support, so why not try organizing one for a company that you'd like to support you? If you want to work for them, I'm assuming that you support and admire their products and policies, so get the word out.