Another FarmVille clone for iPhone, Facebook wants to get paid

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In today's news wrap, we discover another FarmVille clone for iPhone, a new fighting game on Facebook, Habbo Hotel goes even more social and that, yes, Facebook wants to get paid. Read more for the details.

Tap Farm: Another FarmVille clone for iPhone

While it seems like we'll be waiting an eternity for FarmVille to show up on iPhone, Pocket Gamer spots another clone in the App Store -- Tap Farm. Raise crops and animals to earn coins, and so forth. Virtual farmers with empty wallets will be happy to learn that this app is available for the low price of free.

Killer Toons on Facebook: Now kicking butt, taking names
Instead of helping your friends farm or loving your fish (but not loving them), this new fighting game -- Killer Toon -- pits you against your FB friends. The goal -- to beat the living bejeesus outta your pals (or their avatars, rather) with a everything from a plunger to a razor-sharp katana.

Guess what? Facebook wants to get paid!
CNN says Facebook's seeking a "Payment Operations Strategist," which might be sign that the social network wants to get into the "payment" business, creating a service similar to PayPal, or wants to take a bigger cut from popular social gaming publishers who are raking in mad loot on Facebook's back.

Habbo Hotel Introduces Facebook Connect
The teen virtual world now has Facebook Connect, says ISG, allowing players to broadcast when they build rooms, train pets, send gifts, et al on the social network. As if we weren't sending our friends enough game related notifications already...