Zoo World Cheats & Tips: Five easy ways to get ahead

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zoo worldZoo World is a fun and addicting Facebook game, but for new players, can be a little overwhelming at first. Fortunately, we have a few tips that are sure to be a huge help. Knowing what's going on in Zoo World is sure to make the experience that much more enjoyable. I know that the tips I picked up later on in the game would have been a huge help when I had first started the game, and I wish that someone would have told me before I had gotten to level 30. Now I'm here to share these tips with you.

Tip #1 - Getting zookeepers for your zoo.

When you first begin your own zoo island you are required to recruit zookeepers for your cages. On the Store page you have the opportunity to buy zookeepers, but after purchasing a few the price for zookeepers will become too expensive. I recommend going to the Help page, and on the Facebook chat (which is on the bottom left half of this page view) write that you are new to Zoo World and need zookeepers. Wait a few minutes, and then go to your Facebook home page.
People who are playing Zoo World will invite you to be their friend on Facebook, so you will need to accept them as friends to use them as zookeepers. After you have accepted the people you would like as zookeepers, go back to Zoo World and click on the Recruit Zookeepers tab.

When you have clicked on the tab, you will see all of your friends' names on the left-hand side. Click on whoever you want as a zookeeper (you can even use your own friends who aren't on Zoo World) and hit the Recruit Zookeepers button. By following this tip, you will be able to get as many zookeepers as you want for free!

Tip #2 – Leveling up through achievements.
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To find out what level you are and what you need to accomplish to level up click on the Zoo World's Home tab. From there you will be able to clearly see what level you are on and what you need to do. For example, on level 2 you will need to buy an animal, which will increase the amount of visitors that come to your zoo. Also you will need to view your report card by heading to the Zoo Home page and clicking View Report Card at the top. Recruiting zookeepers, which you read about in tip # 1, is an achievement on level 2, as well as purchasing a vet, which you will find under the Shop tab.

When you do the achievements listed for your level, you will earn zoo dollars that you can spend on islands or even special animals, like the unicorn. Also the higher you level up, the more your zoo is worth and the more money your zoo will earn.

Tip # 3 – Buying animals to increase your zoo's worth.
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Increasing your zoo's worth can be easy if you know what you are doing. Buying and adopting animals are a must to increase your profits. To do this you need to go under the Shop tab and click on the animal that you would like to buy, and then proceed to buy the different animals. The more animals you buy, the more new animals will unlock for you to buy, and the more people will visit your zoo. Buy as many animals as you can early on in the game because the farther you go in the game the more expensive the animals will become.

Tip # 4 – Training animals early in the game.
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There are two birds, the swift and the bald eagle, which you will have to train, and Zoo World requires the birds to know all of the tricks later in the game in order for you to reach another level. When you buy a bald eagle or a swift you can click on the bird and the screen above will appear. Click on the Train button, and you have begun the process of teaching your bird a trick.

You will be able to train your birds once every zoo day (or five minutes), so you will have to be patient with the process. I would highly recommend that you begin to train them as soon as you get them because, yes, you can train them later on, but the price will go all of the way up to a million dollars to gain only two percent of the trick.

Tip #5 – Visiting other people's zoos.
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By visiting other people's zoos every day you will be able to earn money, and the higher level you are at, the more money you will get. This way if you need some money all you'll have to do is visit your friends! On top of that, if you visit other people's zoos, they will be more inclined to visit yours; and, in turn, the zoo will give you money because your friend visited your zoo. To visit your friends' zoos click on the Visit Friends tab and click on each friend to visit his or her zoo.

Another great aspect of visiting your friends' zoos is that you can find treasure hidden among the animals' cages. Click on the different cages, and sooner or later you will pick the one that holds the treasure. Personally, I start at the lower right part of the screen and make my way around the outside of the island to ensure I click on all of the animals. If the person's zoo you are visiting is at a higher level, then you will earn more money when you find the treasure.

Overall Zoo World on Facebook is an amazing game, and these tips should make your new game even better! I often see people up at two or three o'clock in the morning adopting animals and visiting zoos. This is one game that you will not want to miss out on, all 42 levels of it!

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