Would you accept $200 to sign up for a checking account?

A bank just upped the ante to get your business. Last year, as we wrote about on WalletPop, banks were routinely giving out $100 in cold, hard cash to any customer willing to sign up for a bank account. Now SmartMoney.com is reporting that Capital One just began advertising that it will give $200 to anyone who opens a Rewards Checking account between now and February 28, 2010 -- that is, anyone living in New York, New Jersey, Texas and Louisiana, where the Rewards Checking account is available.

Other banks are making cash offers as well, with JP Morgan Chase offering $125 to anyone opening a checking account by January 15, 2010, and Bank of America willing to pay $100 to new checking account customers through February 28.

So this begs the question: Should you take advantage of these offers? For the most part, no. Absolutely not. Look at the offer, nod and walk on by.