This magicJack makes cell phone bills disappear


Hey, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and others: Dan Borislow, the man behind the magicJack thingy that will make cell phone calls free and perhaps cut into your profits, wants to offer you an olive branch. He said he has nothing against cell phone companies. In fact, he thinks you'll all be sharing the same water cooler someday.

"I envision that we'll be partners with a number of those carriers," he said to WalletPop on Friday. "I actually think it's a value proposition for their users."

Borislow introduced the new version of magicJack at the International Consumer Electronics Show last week in Las Vegas. His phone -- we presume it's linked to a magicJack -- is ringing off the hook. Besides potential repeat customers in the millions who bought the original magicJack for landlines, he's getting plenty of coverage from mainstream media for the cellphone-compatible model.