Sweet Rental: Eucalyptus Forest Views for $1,340

Holy shizzle! How often do you get a rental property right in the heart of a major city that boosts a tranquil view of a eucalyptus forest?

Now if you're desiring to rent, and happen to be a koala, this studio apartment must sound like heaven. If you happen to be a human, then it's still pretty sweet. Imagine living in your new abode, in the Avalon Sunset Towers, and having tranquil eucalyptus forest viewing parties! Oh the fun you would have as all your guests would deem you the eucalyptus forest viewing king of San Francisco high rise living.
And when the eucalyptus forest viewing starts to get a little dull, then you can take in the apartment's impressive views of the Golden Gate bridge and the ocean...all from the same damn apartment! Fully secure building with some niceties as laundry facilities on the premises and garage parking. Oh yeah, your soon-to-be Avalon Sunset Towers home is also pet friendly. Do you know what that means? Yup, you and your pet can sit together and stare for hours on end at the tranquil eucalyptus.

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