Rent Like a Virgin


Who wouldn't want to be Virgin CEO Sir Richard Branson, what with his year-round tan, balloon rides and the billions that go with them?

Turns out you can live like Branson-for a few hours or days at least- and for less than you might expect. He has a portfolio of belongings that he shares with wannabee jetsetters and is about to add a yacht to the menu.

Come February, you can sail away on Branson's 105-foot-long carbon-fiber catamaran, the Necker Belle. for just $88,000 a week.

Renters can cruise the high seas at 20 knots under sail while enjoying wi-fi and satellite TV. The Necker Belle, described as having a "contemporary, beach house vibe," sleeps ten people in four staterooms and the main cabin area. Imagine! All that and more on a seven-day jaunt that costs about the same as two years at a top University! Seriously though, split 10 ways it's only $8,800 a person.