Mafia Wars Super Stuffed Crates: Everything you need to know


One of Mafia Wars' most popular premium items are mystery crates, which can be purchased with Reward Points (i.e. they cost real-life cash) and can be opened to reveal useful -- and sometimes rare - items.

Most recently, the game released a series of "Super Stuffed Crates" -- one of which can be purchased for 20 Reward Points, three can be purchased for 55 Reward Points. Unlike the other mystery crates, each of these are "stuffed" with 1 item, 3 consumables and 5 boosts.

mafia wars super stuffed creates
mafia wars super stuffed creates

Below are a list of items, consumables and boosts that you might find tucked away in these super-sized mystery crates.


Hockey stick
Lacrosse stick
Cricket bat
Shin guards
Football helmet
Chest protector
Stock car
Football cart

Blackmail photos
Illegal transaction records
Computer set up
Concealable cameras

Extra pair of eyes
Hot coffee
Sandbag wall
Sting grenade

Did you buy a Super Stuffed Crate in Mafia Wars? What did you find inside?

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