FarmVille glitch: Chicken Coops triggering more coops!

The latest glitch in FarmVille is allowing multiple Chicken Coops (again)!

Many FarmVille Freaks have reported that after they placed their chickens in Coops, their Coops "hatched" another Chicken Coop!!! So, without "cheating" they've legally obtained multiple coops. No notice appears stating what's happened, when another Coop appears.

Thank you to FarmVille Freak LukeR giving props to FarmVilleFreak on his awesome video!

Some are triggering the glitch merely by moving their Chicken Coops, while others report triggering it while placing Chickens inside.

Here are some testimonials from fellow FarmVille Freaks on how they believe the glitch was triggered:

"My chicken coop hatched a new chicken coop, so now i have 4, can you put a notice for comments? There was no message popup, just the pink icon after i just harvested the coop for coins only, so i clicked move and there was number 4." (FarmVille Freak Bridget M., Australia)

"I thought I should forward a picture of my farm to let you know something strange happened. While I was trying to put gold chickens into the coop, I noticed that the count didn't go up, so I moved the coop thinking that I had accidentally placed it behind the coop. When I moved the coop, there was another coop there holding one white chicken and the gold one I was missing. I didn't do anything to create it, it was just there. This morning the same thing happened with a chicken not going in and I moved the coop to get it and there was another chicken coop. I just don't want you to think I'm trying to cheat." (FarmVille Freak Robin).

"... my friend Luke got a "bug" or strange thing at farmville .. he didn't print screen it, but he discoverd some golden eggs and got the best presents EVER ... and didn't get it once,, but 10 times or so .. he got CHICKENS COOPS !!!!!!!!!!! It's true, saw it with my own eyes .. he now has 14 chicken coops, and didn't use the "hatch an egg coop bug" (it won't work anymore). I thought maybe in the future you can hatchchicken coops from golden chickens ?" (FarmVille Freak Gert, Netherlands).

"I posted this on farmville forums because I lost a coop of brown hens, what was left in its place was an empty coop with a single white hen. Odd. I was upset, so I filled it and it too disappeared! I had 12 coops due to the other glitch before they fixed it. but now I have 27. I moved the empty coop off the spot and found another empty one, and another and another until I had discovered 13 plus my one with the brown hens and the partly full one. The image below shows the group after I found them today." (anonymous Farmville Freak)

"Hi just got 11 chicken coops in a glitch!" (FarmVille Freak Ritwik S.)

"1/9/10: OMG, thank goodness I decided to visit FarmvilleFreak and read the posts. I thought I was in the Twilight Zone and the Farmville Police were going to raid my farm.! Please, please I did not do anything illegal. I don't know what happened!. First, I was moving around my coop because I have almost 100 chickens, 2 days ago all my animals started walking and I was trying to see if I missed any behind my coop. When I moved my coop an empty coop appeared making me think I lost all my chickens. I freaked! Then I moved the empty coop and my original was behind it. So, I filled the empty one and when I moved it another appeared. I filled that one and another appeared. I had to rearrange my farm to find space for these coops. Every time I moved my coop I got another coop. So now I have 13 coops on my farm and I'm afraid to go near them. Please do not penalize me because I did not do anything illegal. I love love love Farmville and do not want to be shut down." (FarmVille Freak Sheila M)

Did this latest multiple Chicken Coop glitch happen to you?

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