Best (or Worst) Layoff Ever? Do Tell.

Getting fired happens to all sorts of people, and in all sorts of crazy ways. Remember the Seinfeld where Kramer was fired ... from an office where he didn't even work?

What about poor Milton from Office Space? You know, the character who was never even told he was fired, but instead just got moved further and further away from everyone else until he was down in the basement with only his precious stapler and cockroach duty?

I'm sure you've all heard of someone getting fired for sleeping with the boss, or not sleeping with the boss, for stealing, for wearing the wrong clothes, or for absolutely nothing at all. People have gotten fired by email, Post-it, Facebook, and Twitter. Some folks have been fired not once but twice-from the same company.

And then there are those Target employees who wanted Zhu Zhu Pets so badly, they disobeyed store policy and bought them early. How mortified would you be if you were fired for buying a fake hamster?

Want more? Check out our collection of less-than-typical situations in which employees have parted ways with their companies.

Still, I have a feeling this is only the tip of the iceberg. So, what about you? Share your tale. You may win the (dubious) honor of having the best layoff story ever!

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