First Job Strategy - Looking for a Temp Job

As you approach your first job strategy, keep in mind the "foot-in-the-door" philosophy. I was thinking of that today as I read's story on the somewhat gloomy December jobs report from the federal government. While job loss continues, the trend appears to be slowing and some economists think the job outlook for 2010 will improve.

What caught my eye while reading the story was a link to a CNN Money interview with the head of the temp agency Manpower, Inc. As I watched it, two things stood out. One was that he sees an increase in entry level jobs over the next year.

The second was what he said at the end of the interview, when he was asked what employers are looking for in new hires. The point he made was employers are looking for people who think outside the box, who multi-task, and who present themselves as being multi-skilled. He advised both job seekers and those already employed to be willing to go beyond the job description and take on more responsibility, without having to be pushed into it.

All good advice. And here is my advice when looking for that first job. Although the jobs may not be glamorous, if you are having a tough time landing that first job, why not get your foot in the door through a temporary job? Companies like Manpower can get you into a place where you can apply the think-outside-the-box attitude. This can do one of two things - land you a full time job at the place where you are working, or at least give you job experience you can put on your resume to land a full time job somewhere else.

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