America's Fastest-Growing Salaries

Rachel Zupek, writer

Money isn't everything in a career, but for many people, it's the driving force behind their decision to stay in a current job, search for a new one, or accept or decline a job offer.

Looking for a job with an adequate salary is difficult. It depends on the current job market -- which today is not great -- where you live, your skill set, your experience level and, perhaps most importantly, your job duties.

Here are 20 jobs projected to have high salary growth this year, according to data from and The percentage listed for each occupation is the amount the salary increased compared to last year's salary. The list is based on an analysis of data from the Occupational Employment Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and ongoing surveys conducted by Salary Expert*.

1. Oral pathologistsstudy the nature, cause and development of diseases associated with mouth.

Current salary: $188,577

Last year: $159,759

Percent increase: 6.83

2. Social medical researchers conduct research for use in understanding social problems and for planning and carrying out social welfare programs.

Current salary: $80,151

Last year: $68,480

Percent increase: 6.65

3. Pharmacologists conduct experiments to determine how drugs and other substances affect organ and tissues.

Current salary:$99,370

Last year: $90,012

Percent increase: 5.35

4. Toxicologists research the toxic effects products and ingredients have on living organisms.

Current salary:$70,273

Last year: $63,655

Percent increase: 5.35

5. Vocational training teachers teach personal, social and professional skills that meet the needs, interest and abilities of disabled students.

Current salary:$57,401

Last year: $52,982

Percent increase: 4.93

6. Academic deans develop academic policies and programs for college or universities, as well as scheduling courses and making course recommendations for students.

Current salary:$100,771

Last year: $93,126

Percent increase: 4.9

7. Social psychologists

diagnose and treat mental disorders; learning disabilities; and cognitive, behavioral and emotional problems using different types of therapies.

Current salary:$85, 766

Last year: $79,272

Percent increase: 4.9

8. Early childhood development teachersuse activities to promote social, physical and intellectual growth for children in child development facilities.

Current salary:$37,072

Last year: $34,418

Percent increase: 4.8

9. Insurance sales agents sell insurance of all kinds to new, prospective and current clients.

Current salary:$52,743

Last year: $49,121

Percent increase: 4.73

10. Credit representatives investigate customer complaints about service, billing or credit rating. They determine the accuracy of customer complaints and the company's responsibility for errors.

Current salary:$45,875

Last year: $43,092

Percent increase: 4.53

11. Facilities managers oversee all things concerned with the operation, repair, maintenance and construction of facilities, equipment, buildings and grounds.

Current salary:$94,491

Last year: $89,262

Percent increase: 4.38

12. Software quality assurance testers develop and maintain quality assurance testing methods and systems to make sure computer software applications work correctly.

Current salary:$75,129

Last year: $71,481

Percent increase: 4.23

13. Financial securities clerks perform duties involving computing and recording data on security transactions.

Current salary:$41,464

Last year: $39,459

Percent increase: 4.2

14. Food and beverage order clerksreceive and process incoming orders for materials, merchandise, classified ads or services, as well as informing customers of payment information and preparing contracts.

Current salary:$29,607

Last year: $28,213

Percent increase: 4.18

15. Computer network analysts investigate and control the technical architecture of local area networks and wide area networks, in addition to recommending telecommunications and data network systems.

Current salary:$86,402

Last year: $82,809

Percent increase: 4.05

16. Purchasing directorsplan and direct the purchase of goods and services, and oversee employees who buy and grade merchandise or services offered for sale. They also develop and implement purchasing policies, procedures and guidelines.

Current salary:$126,021

Last year: $120,850

Percent increase: 4.03

17. Public accountants perform general accounting, auditing, tax and consulting activities for their clients, which vary from corporations or governments to nonprofit organizations or individuals.

Current salary:$72,607

Last year: $69,670

Percent increase: 4

18. Accounts receivable managersensure an accurate accounts receivable system, tracing and reconciling errors, correcting billing records, processing final bills, collecting accounts due, adjusting customer claims and more.

Current salary:$78,966

Last year: $75,797M

Percent increase: 4

19. Government fire marshals determine causes of fires and explosions, especially when arson or other criminal acts are suspected, and enforce fire laws.

Current salary:$60,775

Last year: $58,336

Percent increase: 4

20. Retail store managers supervise sales workers in a retail establishment or department, and may perform management duties like purchasing, budgeting and accounting.

Current salary:$66,966

Last year: $64,998

Percent increase: 2.9

*Salary figures based on data from, powered by

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