Top 10 Eco-Home Trends for 2010


Remember when ideas to conserve energy and save the environment seemed like the fastest growing trend in housing? Back before the recession when people still had money to spend on often expensive "green" improvements for their homes?

Well you ain't seen nothing yet. Despite the recession, the market share for certified "green" new homes rose over the past year, at least in greater Portland and Seattle, according to nonprofit research firm Earth Advantage's reading of multiple listing service data. (What's more, they commanded an average 12 percent premium over non-certified homes, the group found.)

Earth Advantage, which has its own energy standard that is recognized by Oregon's state housing agency and is often used in conjunction with LEED, expects even more green housing business nationwide in 2010.

With strong support from federal and state authorities, energy-saving, environmentally friendly housing may be shaping up for a big year in 2010. So, even if you already bought a set of solar panels in 2008 and caulked and insulated in 2009, here are some of Earth Advantages' top trends for 2010: