'Shark Tank' returns tonight! A sneak peek from Barbara Corcoran's office


Tonight, Jan. 8, the much-loved venture capital competition show Shark Tankreturns to the ABC lineup. We've been chronicling the tense Mark Burnett production, in which everyday people try to convince a panel of five real-world moguls to invest money in their ideas, through our in-depth AfterShark series (www.dailyfinance.com/after-shark-tank).

Since Shark Tank is back helping people make money fast, so is AfterShark. WalletPop's Jason Cochran was invited to Barbara Corcoran's offices in Manhattan to find out what's been happening with her big investments from the last batch of episodes. Corcoran tells which product landed a big deal at CVS, who's selling on Whole Food shelves, and who got enough money to mass produce thanks to Shark Tank bucks.

She also hints, with a trace of venom, at some nasty backstabbing between the Sharks in the episodes to come -- could it be that she's about to get sliced out of some juicy deals?

Jason also got some extra advice from Corcoran about what makes for a successful entrepreneur. Click here for Part Two of our video interview with the Lipstick Shark, in which she dishes about the other Sharks and their sneaky methods.