One hundred games; one hundred cupcakes


With the arrival of 2010, designer Robin Dahlberg observed her house's 100 year birthday. To celebrate the joyous occasion, she and her team of game lovers created a cupcake trivia game!

The ambitious crew baked 100 cupcakes, each painstakingly decorated as a classic game, covering everything from board games to video games. To play, simply visit the trivia game Web site and see how many cupcakes you can identify.

We love the fact that they included Bejeweled and LOLed at the nod to the classic game, Operation. The only game that was missing - FarmVille. Maybe next time...

How many games were you able to guess correctly?

Bejeweled, Battleship and Scrabble Cupcakes
Bejeweled, Battleship and Scrabble Cupcakes