Edhance gives student discounts at 100's of stores

One of the biggest benefits of being a student, aside from enriching your mind, is getting discounts on almost everything you buy.

Seriously, if you are a student and are paying full price on anything you buy you're paying too much. On top of the discounts that many insurers, stores and other companies provide students there are even more discounts. Edhance is a company that provides students with an additional discount on hundreds of stores, simply for being a current college student.

The company offers some pretty incredible discounts including 4% on iTunes, a 3% discount on computers purchases in the Apple store -- that's on top of the standard education discounts. It also offers savings at many other computer manufacturers, clothing stores, textbook Web sites and restaurants. The fact that discounts can be had both online and in-store make me wish I was still a student.

To join the already 1.1 million students who are members of Edhance you just need to sign up on the Edhance Web site and the company will use its patented verification process to ensure that you are currently enrolled in a college or university.

Bjorn Larsen, Edhance's president, told WalletPop in an e-mail interview that this level of verification lets Edhance offer deeper discounts than standard discount and cashback programs.

If you or your student is enrolling for the coming year and want to take advantage of the discounts on a new computer or dorm room furnishing you can still do that.

"As soon as the university acknowledges that the person is a student (or becoming a student), they'll generally verify for us," Larsen told WalletPop, "If, however, the school for some reason does not verify them as a student, we allow the member to submit proof of enrollment manually."

Edhance works a little different than traditional student discounts in that they link purchases to your credit or debit card and then will credit your card with your savings after your total cashback reaches $10. The need to link a credit card to your account raises additional questions about the security taken by Edhance to protect your information.

"Edhance is Level 1 PCI compliant, which is the highest compliance level a service provider can have." said Larsen. "All our traffic and data containing credit card information is encrypted to higher-than-industry standards, and no employees can ever access this data. We adhere to the same standards as financial institutions and payment processors (in fact perhaps even stricter due to different business needs)."
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